Ammolite- the fossil gem

Published: 27th June 2011
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Ammolite, the rarest gem on earth is in fact a fossilised sea animal named Ammonites. Ammolite is a treasured and uncommon gem nearly in rivalry with the rarity of red diamonds and alexandrite. Ammolite is mostly uncovered in the region of North America, in the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. Ammolites are manufactured of mostly aragonite and other minerals. It has the identical composition as that of the pearls and amber. It was acknowledged as a gemstone in the 12 months 1981 by the Entire world Jewellery Confederation. It was recognized as the official gemstone of the Province of Alberta in the 12 months 2004 and awarded the official gemstone of the Metropolis of Lethbridge in the yr 2007.

All over 70 million ages back when the dinosaurs ruled the planet, Ammonites lived in the sea. They lived with other marine animals in advance of they got extinct by a catastrophe. Ammolite is consequently the fossilised kind of Placenticeras meeki and P. intercalare, and it is identified only in some areas of the Bearpaw Formation of Late Cretaceous age (about sixty-70 million years previous). Ammolite is composed of iridescent layers and consequently is a soft and fragile stone. Ammolite is a new addition to the globe of gems and is generally a type of aragonite, mostly mined in Alberta, Canada. Ammolites is involved with quite a few legends which explain its mythical physical appearance. Most legends say that Ammolite was to begin with uncovered by a Blackfoot woman in the woods bordering the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It is considered to usher in good luck and prosperity to its owners.

Ammolite is primarily composed of aragonite and yet another natural compound called conchiolin. The Ammolite has three layers the upper and reduce layer consists of microcrystal of aragonite. The middle layer is composed of conchiolin.

Ammolite is also known as as korite, aapoak, calcenite, or gem ammonite. Ammolite has been applied in jewellery making given that the late 1960s. Ammolites are identified in many destinations on earth but the Ammolites uncovered in Canadian area are in particular attractive and dazzling. Ammolites are definitely the present of nature and Ammolite mining are accomplished in a big scale in the Canadian area. Ammolite deposit is located deep inside of the ground and fantastic superior of Ammolite is only observed following fifty-70 metres beneath the earth.

As you have to dive deeper into the sea to see that perfect pearl you also have to dig deep holes in to the ground to behold Ammolite, the dazzling fossil gem.

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